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Detroit was hit with intense flooding yesterday. Keep the city in your thoughts. I’ll look for a link you can follow if you’d like to help.

A Waterford-based non-profit has stepped up and has relief efforts planned in the wake of downpours that flooded the Metro Detroit region, taking major roadways hostage and damaging residents’ homes.

DRAW, or Disaster Relief At Work, is partnered with over 100 local groups, churches, high schools and community organizations. All have calls out to their communities to join the group Thursday in helping those in need, said founder Greg Martin.

DRAW is a non-profit that provides help to communities hit by natural disasters. To donate, sign up or request help in Thursdays efforts throughout metro Detroit, call Greg Martin at 864-569-6249, visit or Those volunteering on Thursday will meet at DRAW’s warehouse in Waterford at 5255 Hudson Road.

My poor home town :(

I’m so glad I didn’t leave Windsor for Ferndale yesterday 😞



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That laugh when you see your main dude and you know youre gonna go wild
Next weekend, August 2&3, RIPExpo!!! Providence! I will be All Up Ins! Please come by! PLEASE COME BY! PLEASE COME BY!!



That laugh when you see your main dude and you know youre gonna go wild

Next weekend, August 2&3, RIPExpo!!! Providence! I will be All Up Ins! Please come by! PLEASE COME BY! PLEASE COME BY!!


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When we had lived in Detroit two years we moved into a house on Jefferson avenue, two doors from the old Campau house, and from our back piazza we had a fine view of the river. I never wearied of watching the white winged vessels as they sailed up and down the beautiful stream; the canoes paddled by the Canadian women bringing loads of fruit and vegetables to market, and the little sail-boats tossing on the water. I wanted no other pastime. Every pleasant evening in summer, all along the river, canoes were launched, and gay parties rowed up and down the stream, meeting and exchanging salutations, or side by side trying the strength and speed of their oarsmen.

The large birch canoe of Gov. Cass with its crimson canopy in the center, was always an object of special attraction to the spectators on shore.

Just as the sun disappeared below the horizon, from some canoe would arise the sweet notes of the vesper hymn one and another would catch the strain, till over the placid river floated waves of almost heavenly melody.

One song would success another, till the gathering shadows beckoned the happy hearted singers to their homes.

Mrs. E.M.S. Stewart, “Childhood’s Recollections of Detroit,” in the collected papers of the Michigan Pioneer & Historical Society, Vol. 18, 1911. Mrs. Stewart immigrated to Detroit from Rochester, NT in 1824, when she was seven years old.

A gift for you on Detroit’s 313rd birthday.

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